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About  Us


About Us

The genesis of Wisdom Properties, Inc. is an interesting story of my following the prompting of the Holy Spirit. For years leading up to September 11, 2001, I had contemplated starting the firm. Until that day, I was successfully engaged in the technology world of Computer-Aided Architecture and Engineering software – an extension of my education as an Architectural Engineer. My whole perspective on a purpose-driven life changed on that day. Now, I and the band of brothers working with me have a clear purpose in our efforts: Atlanta remodeling, home building and home improvement to make your home a place you love to live.

Making your home a place you love to live! What does that mean?

Whether clients ask us to build a new custom home or remodel their existing home, we have discovered a common thread among them: by living for years in a home, they have come to love and dislike certain features about their house. Through a conceptual design process we work out the details and the resulting new remodel or home improvement reflects a home our clients love to live in. The greatest compliment to us is when we have completed the project is to hear: “we love to live in our new home!”

The principles driving our company are clear: do unto others as you would have them do unto you; and by wisdom a house is built and through understanding it is established. How does this translate? Thoughtful consideration to the customers’ needs and purposes will lead to the best design; and respect given to the wise choices of materials and methods will produce a superior product.

The scope of our work ranges from exterior and interior remodeling, to whole-house remodeling and new construction. We provide design assistance at the early stages of conceptualizing a potential remodeling or home building project, primarily in an effort to establish a project estimate (budget).

We have working relationships with several independent architects with talents in different types of architecture. Depending on the scope of the project, an architect may be required to facilitate the finer details on the drawing set needed for obtaining permits for construction.

Remodeling and Home building On-Time and Within Budget

Wisdom Properties prides itself on the completion of home building and remodeling projects both on time and within budget. We accomplish this by limiting the amount of work we undertake at any given time.

Our customers are our future business, by follow-on work or by their gracious referrals. You will not hear or see an advertisement for Wisdom Properties because we place all our emphasis on the quality of our work and the respectful consideration of our customers.