A Locally-Owned Award Winning Business

How We Work

As our mission statement states, we only contract work we can complete within the defined project schedule. We limit the number of home building or remodeling projects the firm undertakes at any given time. A project manager is assigned full-time to a project. We employ veteran project managers with at least 10 years of experience in the timely execution of high-quality residential construction. The key to timely completion is the management of the work, scheduling of the various human and material resources balanced with the keen attention to the customer’s desires and the design intent.

This is a small firm. We take on approx. 12-15 remodeling and home building projects annually, ranging from $50,000 to $700,000 in budget. The owner, Paul Gouin,
is involved in every project from the initial consultation to the final walk-through. His intent is to keep the number of projects to no more than 15 per year, in order to accomplish the goal of providing the same high level of service to every customer.

Whether considering the construction of a new custom home or remodeling your existing home, we meet with you to discuss your desires. Sometimes, there is already a design in the works and we can price a budget for the work based on that design, or a conceptual plan may need to be developed before budgeting. Wisdom Properties provides conceptual design services for a minimum fee, in conjunction with budgeting the project. We have relationships with several architectural firms specializing in different types of designs. We can facilitate a relationship with one of these firms before or after the conceptual design and budgeting phase.

Wisdom Properties does not require you to enter into an initial consulting contract. We understand that in order for this project to be successful in your eyes, you need to have the freedom to make choices. We believe if you grant us the opportunity to work with you, you will develop a sense of trust in us unique to the industry!

Further, when contracting with us to perform the work, we don’t require you to purchase finish materials from a particular vendor. We
recognize a great benefit of living in metro Atlanta is access to the variety of material choices available. Typically, our contracts have a material allowance schedule for budgeting purposes. Customers are given the freedom to work with interior designers on material selections and are given a detailed schedule for when materials need to be on site for installation.

Again, the key to the successful execution of a project is the management of the details. And because we develop a detailed timeline
for the project and employ focused, detail-oriented managers who are assigned full-time to a project, we are able to meet or exceed
the customers’ expectations every time!