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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Mosquito Mercenaries kill all the mosquitos on my property?

No service available can eliminate 100 percent of mosquitos on your property because they continually fly in from every direction. However, we are able to dramatically reduce the amount, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors again.

How many sprays will I need to get the best results?

To best protect your home and yard, regular sprays throughout the season are recommended – every 21 days if using the regular barrier spray and every 14 days if using the all-natural repellent.

Are the treatments harmful?

When used properly, the product is completely harmless to humans and animals once dry. Depending on weather, the spray dries in approximately 30-45 minutes.

Is an all-natural treatment available?

Yes, but it does break down more quickly and requires application every 14 days as opposed to 21 days.

Does rain affect the product?

As long as the product dries properly before it gets wet (approximately 30-45 minutes), it will last for the full 21 days (or 14 days for all-natural treatments). We will not spray while it’s raining or right after it rains because conditions must be dry while the product is applied.

Does the product leave an odor?

The regular 21-day barrier spray does not leave any type of odor. The all-natural 14-day repellent will leave a slight botanical peppermint fragrance behind due to the plant-based oils from which it’s made. This fragrance will dissipate a few hours after the application.

Do you spray the entire yard when treating for mosquitos?

Not generally. Because mosquitos are flying insects, they typically reside under leaves and other damp areas, not in the grass

Will the spray affect the fish in my pond?

If you have fish or other aquatic life in your pond, we recommend the all-natural barrier spray. We will work with each client’s needs to create a personalized plan with the most effective and safe solution for your property.

Do I need to be home during the treatment?

No. We just need access to your yard, and pets must be out of the yard.

Do you treat inside pests?

Yes. We can treat the inside of your home to eliminate roaches, spiders, ants and more. Contact us for details on your specific need.